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Brisbane HUG Leader My passion is innovation, technology and all things marketing. I enjoy life, meeting new people and having fun.

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The Ugly Truth About HubSpot's New Features

[fa icon="calendar'] 20-Mar-2017 12:53:29 / by David McMahon posted in inbound marketing

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One of the surprising things with the HubSpot marketing platform is that its constantly changing. Being a platform that is in the cloud, the advantage is, we only have one version of HubSpot. The downside to it is, being that there's only one version, we are constantly confronted with new changes.

Let me first explain what cloud based platform means. In the past of software development, you would buy the program outright and you would have it on your computer and your staff would be trained to use it. Because you bought it outright, it didn't necessarily mean that you would get new updates.

So, a company could spend a couple of years using the same software over and over and the staff would all know how to use it and the need for ongoing training was zero. That's the downside to owning the software outright, you didn't get the new features. You're not staying ahead of the game. As we enter the world of technology disruption, this is a danger for any business who continues to stay where they own the software outright.

As most popular software programs are moving to a subscriber based model, for example, MYOB. This is one of the larger accounting software programs used by many Australian companies and are going through the path of migrating people from desktop into the cloud. It brings us back to the ugly truth that HubSpot, being a cloud-based marketing platform, is constantly changing. There is then a need for continuing training by everyone within your organisation.

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20 Social Media Resources For a Stunning Social Media Strategy

[fa icon="calendar'] 27-Feb-2017 12:06:37 / by David McMahon posted in inbound marketing

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Many businesses find social media overwhelming - there are so many networks available, and they’re always adding new features for you to learn and integrate into your plan. Your success depends on creating a simple and sensible strategy that fits your resources and goals.

Steps you can take to focus your energy:

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Start blogging
  3. Create educational content (Using Ebooks)
  4. Focus on a few key social channels
  5. Develop a monthly posting frequency
    1. Measure your resultsNet new fans and followers
    2. # of interactions
    3. Visits to your site from social / convert into leads
  6. Adjust your tactics

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How to Get Brisbane Specific Website Traffic Using Local SEO

[fa icon="calendar'] 16-Feb-2017 07:41:00 / by David McMahon posted in inbound marketing

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Whether you have a single store front or a nationally Brisbane based office, a local SEO strategy is key to driving more prospects through your doors. By optimizing specific parts of your site, you increase your prospects' chances of finding you in local search results.

Search engines rely on signals including local content, social profile pages, links, and citations to provide the most relevant local results to the user. Optimize these three areas to boost your local search signals: on-page, local profile pages, and external links/citations.

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2016 Guide to SEO Handouts from Meetup

[fa icon="calendar'] 07-Oct-2016 12:10:38 / by David McMahon posted in inbound marketing

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Wow what a night?

With just over 50 people attend it was great night for learning about SEO and how content marketing has changed in 2016. I have included the speaker presentations for everyone below.

The guest speakers Presentations:

Presentation: Why Content Marketing Is The New SEO

Jason Dutton-Smith 

With 15 years of brand content marketing and strategy,  and as former Editor-in-Chief at Flight Centre, He has strong travel industry knowledge and understanding having worked for both airlines and travel agencies. Over the years he has managed the content team made up of 21 journalists and copywriters to drive traffic to the website, while also increasing brand awareness and SEO reach.

You can download Jason's presentation here 

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Introduction to Inbound Marketing & HubSpot - (27 July 2016)

[fa icon="calendar'] 04-Jul-2016 14:12:29 / by David McMahon

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Have you heard about inbound marketing, but are wondering what kind of results you can get?

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Inbound Marketing: Doing Work Fast and Improving Marketing Efficiencies

[fa icon="calendar'] 15-Jun-2016 15:30:00 / by David McMahon posted in Events

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Wed 29 June 2016 Start 12:1pm5 finish 4:00pm

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How to Create a Content Offer Campaign - (11 May 2016)

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Apr-2016 11:28:35 / by David McMahon

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The meetup we are highlighting How to Create a Content Offer.

We know this is a great topic to dive into because there are many different types of content that can be created, and many different ways to share that content. As marketers from many different industries, you each have different ideas about what the best way to create and share content is.  Let’s get those ideas flowing!

This meetup help you how to:

  • Create great pieces of content that are desired by your customers.
  • Build out a conversion process.  
  • Generate more qualified visitors and leads.

Getting the best results from Inbound marketing is about the size of a your company’s brain, not your wallet. Content and information is the master currency of all things inbound.  

RSVP Now that you’re coming to our next Brisbane HUG so you do not miss out as places are limited.

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[fa icon="calendar'] 14-Mar-2016 08:43:22 / by David McMahon posted in inbound marketing

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Block out a 1/2 day to work on your facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram or any other social media to improve engagement and conversion for your organization.

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[fa icon="calendar'] 15-Feb-2016 10:05:43 / by David McMahon posted in Events

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Block out a 1/2 day to work on your inbound marketing to promote your content and website to improve lead generation rates by attracting better quality prospects. 


Collaborate and get expert advice from successful marketers and network with other local professionals.

So bring your laptop (free WIFI available) and work in small teams to develop your lead generation campaigns in a productive and relaxed working environment.

Click here to RSVP Here Now 

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10 Feb 2016 - Mobile Apps & Marketing Event

[fa icon="calendar'] 03-Feb-2016 14:50:42 / by David McMahon posted in Events

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Mobile commerce will account for 24.4% of overall ecommerce revenues by the end of 2017.

You know that panicked feeling you get when your mobile device isn't immediately nearby?

Yeah, this meetup isn't going to help that at all. It will, however, give you a handful of useful marketing ideas to further extend your marketing by using mobile apps for your business.

So ... let's get started

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