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What is the Right Content Strategy for Your Organisation?

[fa icon="calendar'] 15-Nov-2017 11:40:00 / by Peter Preston posted in Brisbane Content Marketing, inbound marketing, Hubspot User Group Brisbane, Brisbane HUG MeetUp, creativity, social, social media, projects, content, strategy

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Do you have the right content to grow your business?

This episode of the Brisbane HUG Lunch Hour is all about content and how you can use it to grow your business and create wonderful experiences for your customers.

Odds are good that you have more content than you think, but even if you're starting from scratch, today's guest, Sally Bagshaw of Content Strategy Australia, has some tips on where to start and who to ask for help.

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Beginner’s Journey through Inbound Marketing

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Jul-2016 14:51:10 / by Samia Salamanca posted in Brisbane Content Marketing, inbound marketing, Hubspot User Group Brisbane

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Inbound Marketing is fairly new in Australia, and definitely much more to me. As a second year marketing student and just starting my inbound internship it is overwhelming to see how quick the world of Marketing is changing, especially to realise that a lot of the theory we learn at school could be completely obsolete soon.

Content Marketign

One of the points we touched on the last Brisbane HUG MeetUp I attended was the importance of content that businesses offer to potential customers in order to help them through their buying process –the buyer's journey-. One of the members that attended the meetup was a Brisbane Lawyer who is passionate about traffic offences and criminal law, and understands the importance of blogging to attract new leads to his website.


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3 key takeaways from Inbound15 for Brisbane marketers

[fa icon="calendar'] 24-Nov-2015 09:00:00 / by Bianca Dillon posted in Brisbane Content Marketing, inbound marketing

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In September, I was fortunate to attend the Inbound15 conference in Boston. This 4 day annual event brings together marketing and sales professionals from around the globe to be inspired, get educated, make connections and transform business. It’s a big call, but I think they pull it off!

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10 Top Tips Plus One Bonus Tip for Enhancing Your Social Media in 2016

[fa icon="calendar'] 20-Nov-2015 15:52:57 / by Megan Walker posted in Brisbane Content Marketing, inbound marketing

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It was great to see such an enthusiastic group of inbound marketers, content marketers, social media marketers and entrepreneurs at this week's Brisbane Hubspot User Group meeting. Thank you to David McMahon from Crocodile Marketing for organising the night and thank you for the opportunity to present my insights and predictions for social media in 2016.

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Showcase: Using SMS to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page.

[fa icon="calendar'] 20-Feb-2015 13:25:00 / by David McMahon posted in Brisbane Content Marketing

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You’d jump at the chance to get extra traffic to your website....right?

Many articles on the internet about driving web traffic to your landing page, talk about important methods like SEO, blogging, email marketing, AdWords etc. But today we’re going to look deeper into the surprising marketing weapon of SMS’s or text messages.

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