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Beginner’s Journey through Inbound Marketing

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Jul-2016 14:51:10 / by Samia Salamanca



Inbound Marketing is fairly new in Australia, and definitely much more to me. As a second year marketing student and just starting my inbound internship it is overwhelming to see how quick the world of Marketing is changing, especially to realise that a lot of the theory we learn at school could be completely obsolete soon.

Content Marketign

One of the points we touched on the last Brisbane HUG MeetUp I attended was the importance of content that businesses offer to potential customers in order to help them through their buying process –the buyer's journey-. One of the members that attended the meetup was a Brisbane Lawyer who is passionate about traffic offences and criminal law, and understands the importance of blogging to attract new leads to his website.


As an end another consume myself, and even my shopping habits and patterns have changed lately, every time I consider on buying a new product or acquiring a service I go through an extended online research to know more about the product, business, service and benefits that the product offer to me as a consumer. And by benefits I don’t refer to a discounts, I’m talking about something extra I get before I make my purchase, especially if it is a service I want to get, I need to know if the business actually can provide what I am looking for.

Why is Content Marketing important?

After listening to other marketers discussion about the topic and them giving different tips and points of view, I realized that is not only about creating interesting content to attract new leads, that content needs to match our potential customers (buyer persona) needs. When we go to the search engine we generally type a question to address our problem. Let's take the Lawyer for example:


I get a ticket for careless driving and I believe I didn’t do anything wrong so the ticket was unfair, probably my next step would be to go to Google search engine and first learn a bit of careless driving so I get a better understanding of why they gave me a ticket and if it was fair or not.  If I read an article from his law firm and is really helpful on clearing my doubts,  my next step would be to contact him to get some advice from him as now I see him as a reliable source.


One of the other points that stand out from the meetup was the importance of a Call to Action button in our blog articles, one that is visible and clear on what we should do next. We should always use verbs telling our readers what to do, for example: click, download, and contact us now. Also it is important to select a colour that stands out from the rest of the page so people can see it.



To-Do List

I am always surprised how small actions could potentially affect the number of visitors of a webpage, who would imagine that something as small as a change of colour or a word could generate such a big impact. Other tips shared at the the MeetUp included:

  1. Google Map Listing: Always match the business information through all your channels: Always be consistent, especially with the business address. Here in Australia is also important to avoid putting together the unit and number (i.g. 2/314), because Google may not always recognize this format, put street number first and on the second level put the unit number.
  2. Get your customers to post a review about your business on Google.
  3. Use one keyword per article.

Even though we sometimes believe that is enough what we are doing with our webpage, there are always some new practices to learn and small changes that can significantly improve your business leads and traffic.


I am really excited about the outcomes of the next meetup, there is so much for me to learn about the world of Inbound Marketing.


If you are starting your journey as me, come to the next Brisbane Hug Meetup to collaborate and get  expert advice from successful marketers. RSVP now as places are limited due to the size of the venue.


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Samia Salamanca

Written by Samia Salamanca

2nd year Business Marketing student at Kaplan Business School