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Brisbane HUG MeetUp - Introduction to Inbound Marketing

[fa icon="calendar'] 15-Aug-2016 10:36:57 / by Samia Salamanca

I was so excited to participate at my first Brisbane HUG Group quarterly MeetUp with the topic "Inbound Marketing", as somebody that just started its journey in this field I find really inspiring being able to meet more like minded people and specially those ones working in the industry and with a lot of expereince in the field. So much to learn from them!


The attendance was outstanding and everybody had a great attitude. The organiser- David McMahon facilitated the participation of each member with a game called "Networking Poker", where you give each person 5 cards and everytime they meet a new member they had to exchange one card. The idea of the game is to meet as many persons as possible to be able to create a very good poker hand. It was really good to see everybody participating and the best of all is that it gives you the opportunity to meet others.




Sometimes is really hard to imagine or understand how to apply the theory into the work environment, but when you have such active participation during a Workshop or presentation it makes it really easy to understand how Inbound Marketing can help your business. All members where giving examples of the way they use it in their jobs, which helped me understand how to use the strategies I have been learning recently.




Half way through the presentation it was time for the Networking Poker's First Prize of the night to be delivered. The lucky member that took the amazing book given by Peter Preston was Cathryn Mora. She made an amazing job networking and got triple ases to win the first price of the night. During the break everybody had the chance to enjoy more pizza and drinks while discussing the outcomes of the first part of the presentation.


Brisbane_HUG_MeetUp_Pineapple_Hotel_July_2016_4.jpgFrom right to left - Brendan Williams, Bonar, David Abrey and David McMahon.

After the break we had the opportunity to listen to three guest speakers that have been using the HubSpot platform for their businesses. The best outcomes of the question and answer section was listening to actual users giving their feedback. I was happily surprised that it was not only about listening to all the amazing benefits of the platform, but also about some pain points that them as users face in a daily basis. Sometimes you fint that other user may be facing the same.



The end of the night came with two more lucky members receiving their prizes for participating in the Brisbane HUG MeetUp. Congratulations to Ekaterina Mukovnikova for using her networking skills to win one of the big prices donated by HubSpot. Love the way the support groups around the world teach people more about Inbound Marketing.


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Samia Salamanca

Written by Samia Salamanca

2nd year Business Marketing student at Kaplan Business School