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[fa icon="calendar'] 01-Aug-2016 11:13:03 / by Samia Salamanca

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Last Friday I was with my friends at a local restaurant, one of our friends came back very excited about something that happened to John - a guy we all know – while he was telling us the story I couldn’t stop thinking about a conversation we had in the last Brisbane Hug MeetUp.

Have you ever wondered why we like gossip? Is it because we enjoy talking about other people or because we love to hear about what is happening in their lives? And how is this related to your email signature?

After discussing about the benefits of improving your email signature with David McMahon – the Brisbane Hug MeetUp organiser- he asked all the members the next question: Why do we gossip?

We all gave our opinions then he ask us to give an example of the last time we had a conversation with someone. I laugh at the example given by one member about the release of the game “Pokemon GO”; probably because the night before I read an article about the game and it was a topic I was familiar with.

gossip.jpgThen David said to all of us: “The reason why we love gossip is because we love to have something we can go and tell to other people”. Then it all made sense; the way to improve our signature is to include in there something people can go and tell others. For example, we should add a new promotion or offer at the end of our signature so people can think about it and sharing on that information with others.

By making a few changes to our signature and add something that attracts the attention of our customers will bring your organisation to the top of their minds; something as relevant as the release of a new virtual game or an outstanding offer, blog articles can be added to the end of an email.

The people to whom you send emails in a daily basis are your suppliers and customers, people that have seen your email signature more than once and they have stop paying attention to it, so here are some of the best tips you can do to make them look again:

  • Do not add unnecessary information to your signature so the important things actually stand out. If there is too much people will ignore it, just include your contact information, such as Name, Position, Phone and Website.
  • Put a photo of yourself in your signature and see how your audience receives the new change.
  • Try changing it every 6 weeks to attract the attention of the reader. Just have in mind that this WOW factor will just last for 6 weeks before they get used to it and stop paying attention, so try something different after that time.
  • Add to your email signature any award or certification that the organization or business recently received.
  • Also promote a news article or interview made about your business, as they give credibility to the organisation.  

However, if you are going to include a message on your email signature always ask yourself if what you are promoting is “Newsworthy” – is the story is interesting enough to your audience to warrant attention and be passed to others. For promotions and specials remember that they have a limited shelf life.

So the next time you open your inbox try one of these practices to improve your business. As for me, I’ll keep learning more about Inbound Marketing practices and sharing my news with you.

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Samia Salamanca

Written by Samia Salamanca

2nd year Business Marketing student at Kaplan Business School