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HubSpot Hacks To Boost Your Social Presence

[fa icon="calendar'] 23-Oct-2015 14:10:00 / by Andy Twomey


In today’s digital age, a killer social presence is a must. However, most of us  would agree “staying social” can be a time-consuming pain. A lot of time and energy goes into tweeting, responding to comments, staying topical and building brand awareness. Imagine all of the things you could do if you used that time for other projects (and maybe even a little more downtime).

Since a social media presence is indispensable, the secret for businesses is to work smarter with their online community building. These Hubspot social hacks will help you to craft, maintain and monitor your social presence across several platforms. So here goes!

5 Social Media Hacks for Hubspot


Twitter bulk scheduler

The Twitter bulk scheduler is the hidden gem of Hubspot’s social tools. We all know consistency is key for crafting your kickass social presence. However, busy periods for business make posting regularly a right pain. To make it worse, the busiest times, such as Christmas, can be the periods when it’s most helpful to be active online!

The genius of the bulk scheduler let’s you upload an excel file full of tweets to tide you over the festive season and  any other busy times throughout the year.

Have you ever crafted the perfect tweet only to click ‘tweet’  and realise it’s a few characters too long? Those small moments are the time wasters you’ll crush by using a bulk scheduler. The character counter built into the excel sheet will help keep you out of the red.

Some general guidelines for character length on the fly are:


  • 140 characters for a text tweet

  • 118 characters with a link

  • 117 characters with an image

  • 94 characters with a link and an image

The scheduler really will save you time. We promise.

Calendar view

Considering 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text, it’s obvious that humans are visual creatures.

The simple genius of Hubspot’s content calendar is in its visual layout. Staying consistent is a breeze, when you can see where the gaps in your plan are, and fill them easily!

Image credit: Hubspot

Using the options on the left panel, you can also filter the social and blog posts displayed according to:

  • Campaign

  • Type of content (e.g. blog, social, email)

How helpful of you Hubspot!

Monitoring streams

Anyone who’s spent more than 10 minutes on Twitter (or admittedly the Internet) will know that there’s a lot of noise out there. While the goldmines of great content and interaction exist, there’s plenty of internet pollution that can easily get in the way.

Scrolling through your feed and searching popular hashtags, such as #InboundMarketing, can easily become a massive time-waster and source of frustration.

Therefore, your business’ time-saving solution: ditch the native Twitter feed and create tailored streams in Hubspot’s monitoring tool. Each “stream” is simply a Twitter feed tailored around:

  • Popular hashtags

  • Trends

  • Influencers you want to engage with

  • Your team members

  • Brand mentions

As you scroll through your stream, you can choose to mute accounts that post irrelevant or low quality content and add certain influencers of interest. Overtime, your different streams are higher quality and you save time by avoiding the tweets you don’t want to see. It’s less of finding the needle in a haystack and more of dropping by your favourite cafe, knowing it’s always got a great cuppa waiting. Amen!

You can also set specific times to receive notifications of what’s happening in your Twitter feed from Hubspot so you don’t need to log in to be ‘in tune’. If your inbox is already overloaded, then make sure to turn off email notifications for all streams.

Chrome extension

All businesses online need to be curators as well as creators. Creators of great content that can lure potential customers to your website. Curators of great content that build brand awareness and authority. The problem: curating and creating takes time.

Hubspot’s native Chrome plugin makes the curating mission across the internet a breeze. You can share from anywhere, when you find a perfect piece of content, by:

  • Clicking the plugin button (and Hubspot will auto populate the post with the page’s title, link and image if you’re lucky!)

  • Selecting some text on the page, then clicking the plugin button (Hubspot will auto populate the post with the text you selected and the page’s link)

With a few more clicks, you can send the same post to several different platforms and schedule for the best time of day for your audience.

The plugin also comes with some nifty native Twitter features, such as:

  • Highlighting leads and contacts in orange so you can easily identify your influencers as you scroll through your feed

  • Ability to schedule a ‘retweet’ with Hubspot

Centralised Analytics

When Edmund Burke said “those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”, we like to think he was talking to businesses. Having the right data about previous campaigns helps you to understand:

  • Which social platforms drove the highest traffic and engagement

  • Which social platforms converted the most leads

  • What kind of copy resonated most with your ideal customers

  • What times of day offered the most engagement

Having data for these metrics gets you moving forward in the right direction when it comes time for your next campaign.

Hubspot’s centralised Social Reports is also a great time-saver. It gives you a quick rundown on the number of clicks, fans and visitors resulting from your social efforts in a single dashboard. You could spend hours trawling through analytics dashboards throughout the day, what a time waster! You could be up to date on your social activity in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. Go Hubspot!

Answering the age old questions

While these tools hit the sweet spot for improving efficiency for time-poor businesses, they don’t offer a solution on the age old questions:

How often should I post on social media?

As often as is feasible for your business. Consistency and quality are more important than quantity.

What should I post on social media?

Created and curated content that:

  • Establishes your business’ authority in your industry

  • Builds trust and awareness

  • Shows the human side of your business

  • Is topical and brand-aligned

Each industry and business model is unique and will have different resource allowances, so these questions can only really be answered by your budget and time capacities.

Where to from here?

Now you’ve got the tips and tricks, it’s time to Hubspot-hack your way through to a killer social presence. Time-poor is an inevitable state of being in the lead up to Christmas, but that doesn’t mean your business’ online presence has to suffer. For more digital marketing tips and productivity tricks, hop by the You & Co Community.

Andy Twomey

Written by Andy Twomey

Director of You & Co, an inbound marketing agency in Brisbane. Sales & Marketing nerd, avid Broncos supporter and wannabe traveller.