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Showcase: Using SMS to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page.

[fa icon="calendar'] 20-Feb-2015 13:25:00 / by David McMahon

You’d jump at the chance to get extra traffic to your website....right?

Many articles on the internet about driving web traffic to your landing page, talk about important methods like SEO, blogging, email marketing, AdWords etc. But today we’re going to look deeper into the surprising marketing weapon of SMS’s or text messages.

This is a powerful way to drive traffic to, and promote your landing pages. Now I’m not going to bore you with all the statistics about mobile phones, as you already know that just about all your customers are walking around with a smartphone. The little device that’s carried in the hands of your clients, is the same tool you can use to bring clients to your website and landing pages.

At the next Brisbane HubSpot User Group (HUG) we’ll be inviting Barry Osborne to explain how he’s using this tool to “rock” the retail estate industry and sell properties using landing pages. And also how he’s giving clients all the information they want (and need) about a particular property immediately, right in the palm of their hand.

What I find amazing about Barry’s methods is that he’s getting more people using SMS than QR codes; now keep in the mind that Barry’s methods are used to sell real estate, but can also be applied to any type of business or landing page.

On Tuesday the 3rd March at the next Brisbane HUG, Barry will spend time explaining his particular way of using SMS. But before then, I wanted to share with you just two examples of how this works and how you can promote your landing pages offline with your clients.

The Promitonal Flyer Example:


The Business Card Example:


This are just two examples, but you’re also able to use posts, signs, advertising and just about any form of print media to promote your landing pages.


HUB_MARCHFor more examples or to register for the next Brisbane HUG on Tuesday 3rd March click here 

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