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The Ugly Truth About HubSpot's New Features

[fa icon="calendar'] 20-Mar-2017 12:53:29 / by David McMahon

One of the surprising things with the HubSpot marketing platform is that its constantly changing. Being a platform that is in the cloud, the advantage is, we only have one version of HubSpot. The downside to it is, being that there's only one version, we are constantly confronted with new changes.

Let me first explain what cloud based platform means. In the past of software development, you would buy the program outright and you would have it on your computer and your staff would be trained to use it. Because you bought it outright, it didn't necessarily mean that you would get new updates.

So, a company could spend a couple of years using the same software over and over and the staff would all know how to use it and the need for ongoing training was zero. That's the downside to owning the software outright, you didn't get the new features. You're not staying ahead of the game. As we enter the world of technology disruption, this is a danger for any business who continues to stay where they own the software outright.

As most popular software programs are moving to a subscriber based model, for example, MYOB. This is one of the larger accounting software programs used by many Australian companies and are going through the path of migrating people from desktop into the cloud. It brings us back to the ugly truth that HubSpot, being a cloud-based marketing platform, is constantly changing. There is then a need for continuing training by everyone within your organisation.

Today, I wanted to spend a little time with you, bringing you up to date on some of the newer features that have come out. I'm going to give you a bit of insight as to how we, here at Crocodile Marketing, are using it and how some others around Brisbane HubSpot users are gaining a benefit from these new features. The focus of this particular blog is around the content creation tools.

Composition tool

The first one that I wanted to bring to mind is, a new feature that is the composition tool.

hubspot new features

When you go into HubSpot;

You click on content, blog, and you will see the button on the right, in green, called new composition.

When you click on this, you are presented with a very simple editing tool. It takes away any other distractions, and just allows you to write. This is a really cool tool for allowing people to compose articles and share and collaborate with other members of the team. Simply, it allows you to just create your blog articles with your headlines, your page 1, page 2, 3, tags, internal links, hyperlinks, and you can also add images.

What makes this a stand-out product, is the ability for you to create a chat or conversational comment alongside the blog article. Inside that comments window, you can mention people in the team, and when you do and you click save, they will be sent an email notifying them of the comment and giving them a link to the article to allow them to respond. As you can see, in the image above, you can see the power of this tool coming to light. This is just one of the many time-savers that's come online and opens up the opportunity for you to collaborate as a team.

Also, note, that you can also set this up to work with people outside your organisation. You just need to assign that person with the access to your HubSpot platform.

Integration with Shutter Stock

Another tool that is worth mentioning, is the integration with Shutter Stock. Where, as a user on HubSpot, you get access to over 60,000 royalty free images with HubSpot right now.

Benefits of shutterstock for brisbane users

In this feature alone, my team has been saving, on average, 5-10 minutes per image, because we are not having to search through external stock libraries in order to download and rename images and then uploading them to HubSpot. Once you've integrated this tool into your HubSpot platform;

  • Go into the file manager
  • Click on stock images and do a search for whatever image file that you are after.
  • Once you click on the image, it will automatically be saved into your HubSpot portal.
  • You can then add it into your blog article as needed.
Some head's up, with the stock images, you can search for any image that you'd like, based on social media or content, like Big Dot or Festival. Once you find an image, you just click on it and save it into your folder in your HubSpot. Once there, you can then insert it directly into your content or social media messages.

When you are doing your search, the watermark will appear on Shutter Stock images. Once you save the image in your HubSpot platform, that watermark will be removed and will not appear in your live content. It's just really powerful for those that are constantly doing content writing for your organisation.

Adding emojis to any email subject line

Another awesome feature comes online is adding emojis to any email subject line. Right now, you have that ability to pick from emoji picker in your email when you are drafting the subject line from any HubSpot email. In the email tool, you'll see the new option where you will be able to select emojis in the subject line field when you create or edit an email.

emoji icons used by Hubspot users in brisbane
Note: some browsers may not support the use of the emojis, so they may not display properly. Just make sure to test your by a preview before sending to clients and to be as clear as possible in the subject line by not replacing important keywords with emojis.

Facebook Ads are now integrated into HubSpot's Ads

Facebook Ads are now integrated into HubSpot's Ads. This is a really powerful integration between Facebook Ads and HubSpot. This integration is live for all customers who have the HubSpot Ads add-on. Now, the Facebook Ads are flowing straight into your HubSpot portal automatically.

facebook intregation with hubspot reports

Making conversion tracking and recording the leads generated from Facebook Ads so much easier. Customers who have purchased the Ads add-on, will see the Facebook Ads as a new option when you are setting up your HubSpot Ads in the reports drop down.

Now, once a user has authorised the connection between HubSpot and Facebook, it will automatically begin to report on ad conversions and tracking of their ROI on the Facebook Ads.

HubSpot has brought out a Projects new tool

HubSpot has brought out a Projects new tool. It allows you to build out tasks around particular projects and campaigns. For example, to create a landing page and assign that to a member of your team. This starts to map out the basics in a project management tool.

hubspot projects providing better management for content teams

While HubSpot Projects is not as advanced as things like, Base Camp or Team Work, it is a very powerful tool for keeping a content team on track. Now you are able to associate HubSpot assets like, landing pages, blog posts, and even tasks inside of the project itself. This is powerful now in the sense that, if a task is not completed on time, an email will be sent to the person each day at 7 am, local time, as a reminder that their task is now outstanding.

Side note, always keep in mind that the HubSpot Projects is still a basic project and planning tool. Get started with it. You will find that it is very powerful simply because the whole team can stay within HubSpot and they are not having to branch out to another project management tool. As a reminder, this is really for the content team not necessarily for a wide organisational project.

Pinning notes in the HubSpot CRM tool

The last feature that we are going to be talking about is pinning notes in the HubSpot CRM tool. When you are working with a prospect or a customer, you can quickly access the most vital and relevant information. As more and more interaction racks up, the person's timeline becomes more cluttered. HubSpot has brought out the ability for you to pin the most mission critical note to the top of any record within HubSpot CRM.

improve sales by pin notes usng hubspot crm

How it works is;

  • Navigate into HubSpot's contact. Its available on contact company or the deal record.
  • Find the note in the timeline that you would like to pin.
  • Then click on the action button to the right, and you will see the option "pin note". This will then highlight the note for everyone else within the team.
Be aware, you can pin the note at the top of the record, until such time as you unpin it. Any other note that is pinned in its place, an alert will appear. Remember, there is only one note can be pinned.

I have had a few clients who are using this as a great way to keep the main conversation on the deal that they are working on pinned to the note, particularly when they have 2 or more salespeople are working on the same proposal.

If you have any suggestions or any tips on how your using HubSpot to save time, share them below in the comments.


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