The Awesome Power of Video Marketing

With the recent launch of HubSpot Video, video is a hot topic for marketers.

You know video is a big trend and you have been told that video should be part of your marketing strategy.

In this Brisbane HUG meetup, we’ll walk you through 

  • Why video matters, and why it matters to businesses specifically
  • What the launch of HubSpot Video means for customers
  • How you can make the most of video in your marketing
  • How to effectively make video a focus of your organisation


Date: Tuesday 20 Nov 2018 at 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Come and enjoy mouthwatering gourmet pizza and drinks while networking with marketing professionals and entrepreneurs at the Pineapple Hotel, Kangaroo Point, near the Brisbane CBD. At this HUG, we’ve arranged local experts to share their thoughts on video marketing and all the latest trends.

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What others say...
A great way to get all those questions answered, swap ideas and tactics and meet some great new people . Great event. 

Carolyn Grant

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Carolyn Grant reviews
“ Great to talk to others to see where marketing is going. Like minded people who can see where the future is heading and it is not so much about selling, but helping and winning the respect of the buyers before they buy. 

Barry Osborne

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Barry Osborne review